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Stehr Modellbau saves and uses the Customer’s personal data for processing orders and dealing with any claims that may arise. Personal data are all information, due to who a person can be identified direct or indirect (like name, address, e-mail-adress, date of birht, job, account relationship, and so on).

We give for the purpose and for the duration of the purpose of dispatching of the goods the necessary data to the entrepot rather to the instructed postal-, parcel or courier service. Further we give for the purpose and for the duration of the handling of payments the necessary data to the involved service provider for the credit card handling (if you use this payment methode).

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Customer information of the company Stehr Modellbau und Industrietechnik
Stand: 01.01.2009

Advise: Information about the elctronic contract conclusion can be found later in this section under “B”.

Customer information for the conclusion of distance contracts

The following information for distance contracts represent NO contract conditions. The contract conditions are included in our terms and conditions.

All customer information you will get in this confirmation e-mail about orders and delivery of the goods (on the shipping ticket) in text form. You can also print or save this customer information or download as PDF file.

Identity of the seller

You close a distance contract with the company Stehr Jürgen Modellbau und Industrietechnik.

Address of the seller
Stehr Modellbau und
Industrietechnik GbR

Shareholders: Jürgen Stehr, Dominik Stehr, Claudia Horber
Am Schleifwegacker 9
87778 Stetten
Call number 0049(0)8261/9493
Availability monday – friday 08.00 o’clock – 12.00 o’clock and 14.00 o’clock – 18.00 o’clock
Fax 0049(0)8261/21726
Conclusion of contract

On our website and in our print media (catalogs, booklet, and so on) we will inform you about the condition and characteristics of the goods. The presentation of the goods represent no offer of contract, but a non-committal request to you, to order goods by us. With your order (by phone, fax, E-Mail or by post) your agree your offer of contract for closing a contract. We will confirm your order immediately. We are legitimatet, to accept the offer in your order within two weeks. Further information about conclusing of contract are included in our terms and conditions, which are a integral part of the contract.

Gradual delivery

The right of extraordinary dismissal under the statutory provisions also apply for gradual delivery.

Delivery reservation

Sale and delivery of the goods shall depend on correct and punctual supply to ourselves. That applies particularly for articles, which we offer, which are at the moment not available or out of stock. We deliver to your home- or business adress. Deliveries to mailboxes or general delivery packages are not possible.

Commodity price

All prices are final prices and icluded for deliveries to the Federal Republic of Germany and other European Union countries the value added tax in the amount of 19 % in time. Deliveries in other countries are without value added tax. Please note that shipping outside the European Union may cause additional custom duties, which the customer has to take care of.The period of validity of time-limited offers will be declared on the presentation of each product on our website and in our pint media. Further details included in our terms and conidtions.

Delivery- and shipping cost

Our delivery- and shipping cost we are pleased to invoice you as follows:

The shipping cost for each country you can find in our web shop. The detailed information about the amount of the cost is available on our web shop.

Modality of payment

The goods which you ordered you can pay per bank transfer, cash on delivery or also per credit card (only Visa/Diners/Mastercard). By payment per bank transfer we deliver the ordered goods once payment is received. By cash on delivery no part-delivery can be taken place; you will get your order if all ordered articles are available.

Right of return

Have a look at our detailed information of the right of return.


You have warranty claim due to statutory provisions. The warranty period for goods of consumer is two years. Beyond the legal warranty we take no guarantee. The details about the warranty you get in our terms and conditions, which are a integral part of our contract.

Customer service

At the following address you can bring forward claims:

Stehr Modellbau und
Industrietechnik GbR
- Kundendienst -
Am Schleifwegacker 9
87778 Stetten
Call number 0049(0)8261/9493
Availability monday – friday 08.00 o’clock – 12.00 o’clock and 14.00 o’clock – 18.00 o’clock
Fax 0049(0)8261/21726

Further customer information to the electronical conclusion of a contract

The following information for online contracts represent NO contact condition. The contract condition are included in our terms and conditions.

How does the online conclusion of contract works with us?

If you have found your product on our homepage, you can get more information by clicking on the image left or on the name of the product or the line “more to this aricle” in the middle. To order select this product per mouse click on the button right “in the basket” or “to reserve”. Through this the product is placed in your shopping cart.

If you choose at the top right in the menu bar “shopping cart”, you can see all the products, which you have selected for your order up to now. The desired number of the product can be chosen in the field right, before the total price, the default is always “1”. At any time you have the ability to cancel your input, by setting a check in the field under “removal” (leftmost). Then click on the button “update” please. Then you can see your current shopping cart. Also you could change the number of the products. Then you click “update” again, than you can see the shopping cart topically again.

Through the button “continue shopping” (bottom middle) you will get back to order menue.

If all desired products are in your shopping cart, you can activate the ordering process by clicking the button “cash” (down right). For this you have to – if you have not done so – log on with your e-mail-address and your password. Firstly please check the delivery address top left and the address for account on the left and the method of payment on the bottom left. Changes are possible after clicking the blue lettering “edit”. Top right you will see your order, down right you can see the total costs. You have the opportunity to change your order again by clicking on the blue lettering “edit” right beside the word “products”.

You get below this data the mandatory legal information, in particular the instruction of right of withdrawal, the data protection information, the data protection declaration and again the information to the distance selling and our terms and conditons. We recommend your to read this mindfully. You can also print this. Please confrim your agreement with the data protection declaration and our terms and condition by clicking on the marked fields.

Finally confirm the correctness of your offer by clicking on the button “ order” (down right). Hereby you give us an binding offer in regard to all goods in your shopping cart. You can print your order about the corresponding function of your webbrowser. The receipt of your order at us we will confirm you per e-mail immediately. We reserve the right, to accept the offer in your order within two weeks. More information of the conclusion of contract are included in our terms and condition.

Storage of the wording an access for the customer

We save your order data and transmit them to you with our terms and conditions as well as the return instruction together with the confirmation per e-mail.

Type error

At any time you have the ability to cancel your input during your order transaction, by setting a check in the field “removal” (respectively to change numbers of the order size) and then click on the button “update”, or you can change the relevant details if you click on the blue lettering “edit” or you make a new input. Throug a mouse click on a other web site (such as back on our homepage) you could cancel the whole order transaction anytime. Your shopping cart will be obtained, even if you log off. Once you log on again, you will find there also the already stored products.